So, You Want to Be Like Christ?


"In a world bent on enticing us away from growing deeper in love with Christ, how on earth do we become more godly? The Bible says we must 'discipline ourselves for the purpose of godliness .' You really want to be like Christ? Here are eight essential disciplines to get you there. . . This …

Concise Theology


"How can I know God better? If only someone could explain the essentials of theology in bite-sized portions... If only there were a resource that went deeper without drowning me in page after page... J.I. Packer has done it! Finally, there's a book that explains the essentials of theology in a …

The Manhattan Declaration


The recently released Manhattan Declaration is receiving a lot of news right now (although not as much as the all-important Tiger Woods wreck and scandal). Many well-known Christian leaders have signed off on this document which describes itself in this way: We are Orthodox, Catholic, and …

What do I say to a suffering friend?


Timothy Keller recently spoke at MIT, as part of the Veritas Forum, on the subject "How Could a Good God Allow Suffering?" The entire presentation, including a lengthy Q&A, is a valuable resource both intellectually and spiritually. But perhaps the most worthwhile and practical portion of the …

A Heart for God


"In A Heart for God, Ferguson sounds a call to all Christians to deepen their own personal knowledge of the living God. Through a skillful and in-depth exposition of Scripture, he paints a rich and multicolored picture of the most profound aspects of God's nature and character, always urging us to …

Dilbert on the economic outlook


(click on image to enlarge) There's just no way to sugar coat this truth, is there? If your ambition, hope, and joy is anchored in this life alone then the outlook really is bleak. But the very changeableness and uncertainty of our economy and our investments should draw us to consider the One who …

Worship in the real world


In a recent and insightful article at Reformation 21 , Carl Trueman evaluates some of the weaknesses of the hyper-popular "Young, Restless, and Reformed" movement, its tendency toward personality worship, and its possible side effect of actually discouraging day-to-day laborers in the church. Among …

Me Church


A funny video with a serious reminder of how extreme the problems become when the church is about "me" and my demands, instead of about Christ and his Word. Ask yourself what kind of church you're looking for:

Sink me in self that I may rise in Thee


We are currently running a series of messages on our daily broadcast dealing with humility. In connection with that subject let me share with you this quote by C. H. Spurgeon from Faith's Cheque Book: "He that humbleth himself shall be exalted" (Luke 18:14). It ought not to be difficult for us to …

I Gave My Life For Thee


I found the words to this well-beloved song to be fresh and poignant while studying for a recent message from Isaiah 53. Perhaps read the 53rd chapter and then read this hymn with it in mind: I Gave My Life for Thee by Frances R. Havergal, 1836-18791 I gave My life for thee,My precious blood I …

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