Church Life



I read the following at the Sunday morning service of Cincinnati Church, May 23, 2021. I have had the privilege of serving as senior pastor of …

How to pray for your pastor(s)


During the heydays of steam power, boiler rooms were a familiar concept all round the world. Boiler Rooms powered everything from huge commercial …

Displaying the Gospel in the Church


We are studying through 9 Marks of A Healthy Church during our Wednesday night services this summer. I used the following quote from Mark Dever in …

Worship in the real world


In a recent and insightful article at Reformation 21 , Carl Trueman evaluates some of the weaknesses of the hyper-popular "Young, Restless, and …

Me Church


A funny video with a serious reminder of how extreme the problems become when the church is about "me" and my demands, instead of about Christ and …

Why we’re not emergent


I recently read the book by that title authored by Kevin Deyoung, who is a pastor, and Ted Kluck, who is a journalist. The two different styles of …

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