After This Manner Pray


THE MORE THIS BLESSED and wondrous prayer be pondered—one which we personally love to think of as “the family prayer”—the more will the perfect …

A New Year’s Hymn


Scripture everywhere affirms the reality that human life is short -- like a story being told, like vapor in the air, like sparks from a fire. For …

How to pray for your pastor(s)


During the heydays of steam power, boiler rooms were a familiar concept all round the world. Boiler Rooms powered everything from huge commercial …

Hallowed Be Thy Name


I have been lately studying, meditating, preaching, and praying through the Lord's Prayer. In considering the first and great request "Hallowed be …

A prayer for more


I have recently enjoyed reading again from The Valley of Vision, a collection of Puritan prayers and devotions. The old writings are both convicting …

Abide With Me


I was touched by this hymn by Henry Francis Lyte in our Wednesday night service -- a universally appropriate, heart-reflecting, Christ-exalting …

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