The abundance of grace


"Of his fulness have all we received, and grace for grace. For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ" (John 1:16-17). …

Sproul on the curse motif


In this classic message, R.C. Sproul points out that for Christ to be "made a curse for us" ( Galatians 3:13) meant for him to experience the …

Transforming Grace


" Grace. It's Not Just For Beginners. Funny how the exceeding riches of God's grace seem to run out the moment we're saved. From then on, we tend to …

Amazing Grace


I was blessed recently in reviewing the full lyrics of the famous hymn Amazing Grace by John Newton on The Cyber Hymnal (one of the best hymn …

The dead are rising!


Verily, verily, I say unto you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear shall live. …

Today with Oswald


Our family is currently using Oswald Chambers' classic My Utmost for His Highest in our morning devotions. I was particularly struck by the truth, …

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