Finding Grace

A Time for Reflection


The transition from one year to the next provides a special time for reflection. As you look back over the year now ending, you have probably …

The Gospel and Personal Evangelism


"For most of us, personal evangelism is the reverse of easy, and so it becomes a task we evade. Mark Dever writes to shake us up about this, clearing …

Wrestling With an Angel


This new book from Cruciform Press flows out of the author's own experiences with disability, as well as a careful review of the sufficiency and …

What Is the Gospel?


"Today the question most likely to light a fuse is -- as the author of this volume points out -- What is the gospel? This book does not so much claim …

The Seeing Eye


Ken Ham's Answers in Genesis has one of the most popular Christian websites in the world, and they have always been a good steward of this …

My Grandmother: “35,000 Feet Up”


Ruth Huffman -- my precious, hospitable, loving, mighty, hymn-singing grandmother -- passed away last week on September 27, 2010. Because of personal …

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