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My Grandmother: “35,000 Feet Up”


Ruth Huffman -- my precious, hospitable, loving, mighty, hymn-singing grandmother -- passed away last week on September 27, 2010. Because of personal illness, I was unable to attend her funeral. So my attempt at some small epitaph comes in the form of a poem Ruth wrote on March 16, 1976, as she flew from Fiji to Australia (incidentally, to meet me for the first time at the age of three). I praise God that she is now hearing "His sweetest whispers" as she "air-walks" in the glorious presence of her beloved Savior Jesus Christ!

35,000 Feet Up

The sun's shining down upon the clouds turns them into heavenly cities of indescribable majestic beauty, billowing into snowy castles and white mansions all about, everywhere with spires tapering on through the blue as only God can design. Fluffy clouds. . . so thick . . . surely, surely, I can walk on them!. . . I'll walk on them!. . . I'll fly all over these gold-fringed cities!. . . I'll. . . .

Soft cloud-beds of angel's hair,I'll step out and tumble thereAnd fling my arms up to the skyTo touch the blue as it goes by!
Then I'll enter yon castle's doorAnd shed my rags upon the floor,While angel's weave my lovely shroudFrom armfuls of this silken cloud.
I'll bathe in every sapphire poolAnd dry myself with sheerest tulleAnd dress in heaven's finest laceWith only love upon my face.
In gratitude my heart will burst;My tears rain down for those who thirst,And all the pores within my skinWill open up and sing to Him!
All downy sheep, white and silky,Outlined on hills, blue and milky,Will lift their heads from their grazingAnd join in voice with my praising.
My ears, so deaf as they have been,Will hear His sweetest whispers then;My aching feet, stubborn, and slowWill air-walk above the below.
As I pass through each mansion's gate,I'll feel the joy it is to wait,Cradled in the tallest towerHeld by pillars of His power.