Finding Grace

The Day I Leapt for Someone Else


This beautiful poem by my friend Kurt Strassner displays the wonder and joy of the times surrounding Christ's birth -- but even more, the powerful …

A prayer for more


I have recently enjoyed reading again from The Valley of Vision, a collection of Puritan prayers and devotions. The old writings are both convicting …

One lesson from nature, another from history


First, we have a lesson from nature. Here's a video to make you feel small and in awe. What God says to Job of the hawk and eagle could also be asked …

Archaeologists are (again) confirming the history of the Bible


For a book whose detractors claim is so full of myths and redaction, it is astounding how frequently the history of the Bible has been confirmed and …

Disconnect to reconnect


I recently came across an internet post on Phil Cooke’s blog . He writes: The culture in which we live is changing. The family as God designed it is …

May God continue to bless


I recently came across this Presidential Proclamation from 2006. On this Independence Day weekend, it is appropriate to echo both the gratitude and …

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