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Who is marriage for?


Many may be surprised to hear Paul say, as he does in Ephesians 5:32 , that the primary purpose of marriage is to reflect the glorious gospel of …

The Day I Leapt for Someone Else


This beautiful poem by my friend Kurt Strassner displays the wonder and joy of the times surrounding Christ's birth -- but even more, the powerful …

What does the gospel demand (or promise)?


Here, in this interview with David Platt, is the beautiful contrast between the "health, wealth, and prosperity" gospel and the take-up-your-cross …

A Time for Reflection


The transition from one year to the next provides a special time for reflection. As you look back over the year now ending, you have probably …

Wrestling With an Angel


This new book from Cruciform Press flows out of the author's own experiences with disability, as well as a careful review of the sufficiency and …

Leonard Ravenhill sets it straight


A friend recently shared this video with me with this comment: "I’ve been a bit sluggish and lax spiritually lately, so I needed a swift kick in the …

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