Who is marriage for?

Many may be surprised to hear Paul say, as he does in Ephesians 5:32 , that the primary purpose of marriage is to reflect the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. After his lengthy and detailed instruction about marriage, how it works, and what its goals ought to be, Paul writes: "I speak concerning Christ and the church." In other words, nothing that I have said about husbands and wives will make sense, or be empowered, or become real until you first see the gospel message on which marriage is built. Marriage, then, is not ultimately for your pleasure, or your spouse's pleasure, but the pleasure God receives in seeing two people reflect beautifully and display accurately the mutual love between Jesus Christ and his people. The video below well emphasizes the purpose for which God designed marriage and re-aligns our modern, emotional, often-selfish sensibilities. Be prepared to think very differently about marriage, including yours:

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