September/October 2022  |  Volume 72  •  Number Five

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"But our God is in the heavens: he hath done whatsoever he hath please." – Psalm 115:3

The Glory of God’s Sovereignty

By Jeremiah Bass

by Jeremiah Bass

You will not see the glory of something, even if it is truly amazing, if you do not understand what it is and what it does.  This could be endlessly illustrated: for example, the ancient Egyptians had no clue what the human brain was or did and so …

The Comfort of God's Sovereignty

By Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

When a person gets past the initial objections that are often raised  to the doctrine of God’s absolute sovereignty, they can discover it is a most comforting truth. The fact is, God is sovereign! He has the right to do what He pleases, and He also has the power to …

God’s Sovereignty and Man’s Responsibility

By Andy White

Man is responsible for his choices, actions, words, and desires, and is accountable to God for them. This doctrine is called Man’s Responsibility, and it is taught extensively throughout the Bible. God’s Sovereignty is the foundation for Man’s Responsibility. These two …

Editor’s Notes

By Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

We are glad you have come to visit us on our new website. We hope the articles in this edition of the BAPTIST WITNESS will be a blessing to you.

Work continues adding sermons and articles to the website and I am thankful  we are blessed to continue the radio …


I am so thankful to God for His blessing on you to keep you faithful in preaching His Word.  Every Sunday morning I listen to your weekly broadcast on the Baptist Bible Hour website as I get ready for church. What a blessing it is to me as I prepare my mind and heart to …