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Scientists have worldviews too

Al Mohler recently wrote, very insightfully, that:

"While the scientific method has brought incalculable gifts to human life and understanding, science is a human activity conducted within a human cultural context. It is never free from ideological influence or political complexities. Science is largely funded by governments, and nothing is apolitical when it comes to government funding. Scientific work is most commonly conducted within the context of the modern research university and similar academic centers — all highly ideological and politically charged. . . .

Science is a cultural product that inevitably reflects the society it serves. This can be as breathtakingly impressive as the NASA missions to the moon, or as morally reprehensible as the Nazi medical experiments. Modern cultures cannot exist without modern science, but science is not the non-ideological and non-political world of knowledge many presume it to be. That presumption, to borrow Charles Haynes’ words, is "both wrong and dangerous.'"

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