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John Lennox critiques the New Athiesm

Several weeks ago I reviewed a book by John Dickson, an able and good-spirited Australian proponent of Christianity. John Dickson and Greg Clarke have set up an excellent web resource for intelligent Christian discussion and apologetics at publicchristianity.org.

The site includes self-produced videos (of the highest quality), as well as some recordings of various other Christian debates and discussions. My personal favorite is an archive of videos with the great Oxford scholar and Christian John Lennox (incidentally a pupil of C.S. Lewis). Below is an interview between Greg Clarke and John Lennox, critiquing some of the careless, but critical, claims of popular atheists like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens.

I hope that this informative, thought-provoking discussion whets you appetite for our upcoming Worldview Weekend and the teaching we will enjoy on some of these same vital issues, though on a more simple, accessible level.