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Creation Weekend- Day 3 and wrap-up


Sunday morning was the climax and conclusion of Creation Weekend. The worship service began with a collection of appropriate hymns -- "Great Is Thy Faithfulness", "The Beauty of the Earth", "This Is My Father's World", "We Sing the Greatness of Our God", "Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah", and "How Great Thou Art" -- interspersed with readings through Genesis chapter 1.

The subject of creation, then, built to the wonderful crescendo of Lasserre Bradley, Jr.'s message "Tracing Creation Through the Bible." Not only, we were reminded, is the subject of God's ex nihilo creation dealt with in the opening pages of the Bible, but it is repeatedly referenced and supported by passages all the way through the Psalms, the gospels, the epistles, to Revelation.

From these passages we learn the sovereignty of God over His creation, the duty of humanity to submit to and honor their Creator, the comfort that is given to those who trust in Christ as their Creator and God, and judgment that is inevitable by the Creator and sustainer of the universe. We see, then, that creation is vital, not only to our understanding of our origins, but also to a correct perspective of Christ and of the consummation of history.

Nothing could be more essential to, or more widely supported throughout, the gospel of Jesus Christ than the doctrine of God's creation.


The entire weekend, concentrating on the biblical teaching of creation and the vital role that it plays throughout Scripture, was greatly blessed and proved to be greatly beneficial.

We spoke with several individuals throughout the weekend who had never contemplated the importance of viewing human science through the Bible, rather than visa versa. They said they had just always believed in millions of years and evolution, because this is what they had always heard, although they also tried to believe the Bible. However, they were thrilled to see that the Bible had answers for today's science and that it is not necessary to accept the flawed and fallen speculations of evolution.

The overall effect of the weekend, it was apparent, was to strengthen the faith of each person in the infallibility of Scripture and in the awesomeness of our God. This, we feel confident, was worth every effort of each one who participated in and supported Creation Weekend. Thank you.