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An interview with Ken Ham


A little over a week ago I had the opportunity to interview Ken Ham for an upcoming Baptist Bible Hour broadcast. Ken's Answers In Genesis and BBH are partnering on July 18-20, 2008 to host Creation Weekend .

I was thankful for the opportunity to visit with Ken again and look forward to sharing the interview with our listeners, when it airs in two parts on our weekend broadcast, April 20th and 27th, and on our daily broadcast, April 23rd and 29th.

Ken is a warm and sincere Christian, as well as a bold and dedicated defender of God's Word. It was encouraging to see and hear how well the Creation Museum is doing also; they expect to soon hit the 400,000-visitors mark and they haven't even been open for a whole year yet. The museum truly is one of a kind, not only in the quality of the truth that is presented but even down to the quality of each display, presentation, and the over all setting.

It is encouraging to see -- as we have discovered from the interest in our Christ the Creator and In the Beginning message series -- that there are still a large number of Christians who are vitally concerned for the glory of God and for upholding the inspiration of Scripture.


As you will hear when you tune in to the upcoming BBH broadcasts, in our interview we discussed together the importance of an uncompromising stand concerning the truth of Genesis. If we can not uphold the opening chapters of the Bible, what makes us think that the rest of the Bible is accurate or trustworthy? If it cannot even represent history clearly or correctly, what faith can we have that the Bible has the answers for morality, law, family life, or salvation?

The opening words of God's Word set the tone for all the rest of the book: "In the beginning God created..." This tells us that God is eternal and uncreated, and that we are finite and formed. While this is humbling to us, it is also helpful for us. Only when we understand our divinely-breathed origin can we begin to properly view our place and purpose in the universe.

Ultimately, it is greatly encouraging and inspiring to recognize that we are not here on this earth by chance or accident, but that we have been placed here by a good God, have been created in His image, and are given a divine calling and mission to fulfill.

"Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created" (Revelation 4:11).