Editor's Notes

By Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

With the broadcast the first Sunday of February, I complete 71 years on the air with the Baptist Bible Hour. I am indeed thankful we have had the privilege of sending out the gospel message through the years. I praise the Lord for His abundant blessings in making it all possible.

I hear from people who tell me they have listened to the program their entire life and that it has been a special blessing to them. I want to thank all of you who have supported the work through the years and helped us to reach so many people with the gospel of grace.

I am thankful for my wife, Emily, who continues to work diligently to keep things organized that are necessary for the ministry to function. I am also thankful for James Kenniv, who does the technical work for all the programs and hosts the daily broadcast. Also, I am thankful for Tara Cook who works in our office, and for Timothy Guess who is the Managing Editor of the Baptist Witness. Please continue to pray for us in the days ahead.