Thank you so much for guidance over all these years. I lost my husband in 2017. I have been so blessed by your sermons from time to time. – daily and Sunday broadcasts. Thank you for all your hard work.

—Liberty, NC


Brother Bradley,

We have really enjoyed the last several weeks' sermons.  The Lord definitely guides you as you speak because we really needed the lessons that were in your sermons.  You touched on things that we have been dealing with lately.  May God continue to bless you always.

—Tullahoma, TN


Please use the enclosed as Baptist Bible Hour thinks best.  I’m so enjoying the Cincinnati live stream and archive sermons and studies, and I’m talking about them with all who will listen! Lord bless it all!

—Corvallis, OR


Dear Pastor Bradley,

Your sermons and daily podcasts make a difference in my life. I have Baptist Bible Hour on my phone and can listen daily.  Also, I listen to 98.1 FM out of Galax, VA. Your teaching of God’s Word is so important to my daily walk. Please accept my gratitude for your service.

—Pualski, VA


Your series on Philippians has been a special blessing to me. Verses 4:4-7 have been my “life verses” but I always found it a struggle to rejoice because of circumstances. For the first time, your exposition of rejoicing “in the Lord” made it clear to me. Thank you so very much. Blessings and good health to you and yours.

—Abingdon, VA


I am still a faithful listener on WBRF Galax, VA each Sunday morning. Many of my friends are too. Hope you will continue on this station.

—Meadows Dan, VA