Thank you for your continued ministry. It brings much comfort and encouragement for each day. I listen on WKRC in Cincinnati and also visit the website throughout the week. Blessings to all.

—Cincinnati, OH


Elder Bradley,

What a wonderful privilege to listen to your broadcast on 1010 Albemarle, NC each Sunday morning.  How blessed I feel to hear the sweet and true gospel of our heavenly Father. It seems as if each message is meant just for me, and I’m encouraged to face each day more positive and thankful. Thank God for you and your faithfulness to God and his children.

—Reidsville, NC


I was so glad to hear about little Henry and how God has blessed your family. Seventy-one years ago my twin sister and I were born and we only weighed 2 ½ pounds each. We stayed in the hospital for 60 days and I was A baby and my twin was the B baby. My dad was told that he should name us since they did not think we would make it. My mother was at home with two other little girls ages four and one. Over the years we have loved to tell this story and the Lord has blessed us so. We have seen the love of God throughout our lives and my sisters and I are very close. I try to listen the Baptist Bible Hour each Sunday and I am always encouraged by each message.

—Albemarle, NC


Dear Friends,

All my adult life I have listened to the BBH, and still am blessed by the signing and sermons. Since local radio programs are not always clear, I enjoy the program by podcast. God bless you to continue in this ministry.

—Ringgold, GA


We listen to Galax, Va Radio on Sunday at 9:00am. We loved to hear the preaching and singing. It helps my husband (90) and me (86) as we are homebound. We can’t go to church for going on 5 years. Pray for us we are blessed to be home and together. God has been merciful to us for 70 yrs. May God bless your work for Him.

—Dugspur, Va


Belated congratulations on the 71st anniversary of the Baptist Bible Hour.  Your anniversary month messages on the theme of the help we need were hopeful and helpful reminders of our source of true and trustworthy help, whether in good times or difficult times.  Thank you for your long-standing dedication and perseverance in service to the Lord and for your faithful preaching of His sovereignty and his grace and mercy to us through Christ Jesus. Please use the enclosed gift to BBH wherever needed. All glory belongs to God; the gift is in truth from Him. I pray that God will abundantly bless all associated with the Baptist Bible Hour and keep you in his loving care.

—Maryville, TN