I am 66 years old and really cannot remember when I didn’t listen to the Baptist Bible Hour broadcast every Sunday morning. I was raised in rural Mississippi where our little churches only met twice a month at best; hence, your broadcast served as worship service on many Sunday mornings when I was little. My dad made sure that my brother and I never slept through any of them.

Shortly after my family found your broadcasts on the radio, my dad told my grandmother (with whom we lived at the time) that if you ever came close enough, he would take her to hear you preach in person. Well you filled an appointment at Sharon PB church near Lake, MS, soon after that and we all piled in our farm pickup truck and went to see you and hear you proclaim the sovereign grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. All of us enjoyed it immensely. (It is always so plain when you explain it; why can’t others understand that?!) My grandmother passes away in 1964 so this would have been early in your preaching days.

I am blessed now to be a member of Grace PB Church in Pearl, MS. Every Sunday morning I still listen to the BBH, now over the internet, before getting ready to go to church and hear Bro David preach. (It is amazing to me how often your sermon and his parallel each other!) God has greatly blessed you and Sister Emily to keep the broadcast going for over 69 years and in turn, God has greatly blessed so many like me who have been raised listening to your broadcasts. You don’t know how many times I have felt like you were preaching directly to me. I know God’s hand was in that.

Thank you for all you have done for PBs everywhere! May God continue to richly bless you is my prayer.

Pearl, MS

My name is Rachel Grace Adams. I am 9 years old and have 3 sisters and 2 parents. I also have a twin. All 4 of us go to Shepherd’s place and my mother teaches there. We listen through WTWX in Guntersville, Alabama every Sunday morning and then go to church at New Hope PBC. I have your 47th anniversary tape, I love it.

Boaz, AL

Congratulations on the 69th anniversary of the Baptist Bible Hour broadcasts! I have no doubt this ministry and your messages have been blessings to many, many listeners over the years. Your messages of strength, encouragement, and hope to found in the Lord, especially during the last few very challenging years have certainly been a help to me. Thank for the anniversary month’s theme of “Help in Trouble.” If possible, I’d like to receive a copy of the CD you’re making available during this month to those who request it.

I hope and pray that you will be able to continue your broadcasts and if it is pleasing to the Lord, that he will provide the necessary help for the BBH ministry to endure. I used to listen to Sunday morning broadcasts on radio station WKXV in Knoxville, TN, but now I rely on the website ( for the weekly messages, daily devotionals and additional content. It’s a wonderful resource.

Thank you to you and everyone involved with the Baptist Bible Hour for all you do in service to the Lord and to help advance his kingdom. May God abundantly bless you all.

Please use the enclosed gift wherever it is most needed.

Maryville, TN

Happy anniversary month. I’m so glad to hear you weekly. I always look forward to it. The sermons are always appropriate for what I need to hear. I hope you have many more years ahead.

Westminster, CO

I listen to your program each Sunday morning over 98.1 WBRF, Galax, VA and enjoy it very much. I have listened to you since I was a teenager so that has been many, many years. Please send me the CD offered on your anniversary broadcast. Thank you. May God continue to bless you as you continue to preach each Sunday morning.

Stuart, VA

We have been listening to the Baptist Bible Hour over on WTWX for about 60 years. The radio station is in Guntersville, AL. Please keep up the program and preaching for now my grandchildren are listening too. I would like to receive the CD offer. Prayerfully keeping you and yours in our prayers.

Boaz, AL

What a blessing your program and Lasserre Bradley are to my soul! I feel very fortunate that my local radio station features your broadcast! And the music from the choir is so beautiful! (a second blessing!) The past Sunday Lasserre state that his sermon “Help in Trouble” could be obtained upon request. Could you please send me a copy of that? Thank you so much!

I find opportunities to share his work with family and friends and encourage them to tune in to his program. Thank you so much with your help and ask that God bless your ministry to the fullest.

Galax, VA

I want to let you know how much your Broadcasts, Daily Devotions, and Sermons mean to me. Your teaching of the Word has helped me though some of my most difficult times and strengthened my faith. I pray both you and your wife are well and able to continue in your ministry. I listen out of 98.1, Galax, VA.

Pulaski, VA