Elder Bradley,

I so enjoy your service each Sunday morning on WBRF-FM, Galax, VA. Also, your daily edition at the website. Pray the Lord will continue to bless you! Please use this donation as you see the need for it.

—Dugspur, VA


Bro. Bradley,

Thank you for feeding us every day, what a blessing you are to us. May the Lord continue to give you strength for each day to serve our Master.

—Lexington, KY


Dear Bro. Bradley,

I have feasted on the study in Philemon. How good to see the theme of forgiveness in God’s word. Verse 15 spoke to me as never before as you made comment on it. Also the encouragement given in all messages especially in “Pray without Ceasing”, is needful to me. Thankful to hear you and Sister Emily are doing better. May the Lord bless you both.

—Kingsport, TN


Brother Bradley,

We don’t often write to you when we send our check. But we can’t express how much your sermons mean to us. Your sermons give us comfort, peace and instruction for our lives. It’s obvious that God guides you in yours sermons; they mean so much to us.

—Tullahoma, TN


Dear Elder Bradley and all at the Baptist Bible Hour,

We are so thankful for all that you do to keep bringing us The Baptist Bible Hour. We are in prayer for you all to have a happy & healthy New Year with many blessings. God bless you all.

—Winston Salem, NC


Dear Brother Bradley,

We are so very thankful that you are still blessed to preach the good news of “Sovereign Grace!” The messages over the years have warmed our hearts, convicted us when needed, and comforted us in pain and sorrow. We have been made to rejoice in Christ our Savior so many times through your preaching over the years. We listen to you each Sunday on the internet. Please use the enclosed check however you need to do so. May the Lord bless you, Sister Emily and the church at Cincinnati. We send our love to you all, and pray the Lord will bless you with strength for the days and months ahead to preach the unsearchable riches and the doctrine of Sovereign grace.

—Crosbyton, TX