Editor's Notes

By Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

With the broadcast on the first Sunday of February, I complete 70 years on the air with the Baptist Bible Hour. I am indeed thankful the Lord has blessed us to continue in this ministry of proclaiming God’s sovereign grace. We have been on many different stations across the country and in foreign countries, and at various times have had the program on television. Now with the internet and podcast, we reach many additional listeners.

I want to thank all of you who have prayed for us and have supported this ministry. Also I want to say I am very thankful for the faithful work of my  wife, Emily, who has been such a help with this outreach. And I am thankful for James Kenniv who is our technician and also does the introductions for the daily program. It has been a great encouragement to hear from so many who describe how they have been blessed by the messages from God’s word. We want to continue the broadcast as long as the Lord blesses and the needs are supplied.

We have published the Baptist Witness for 70 years, and hope you are enjoying it in its new home here on our website. I appreciate the work being done by our managing editor, Timothy Guess, who works to put it all together.