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Is it alright for Christians to celebrate Christmas?

Many Christians have strong feelings on both sides of this question. While some feel that Christmas (or Easter) are opportunities to especially celebrate the blessings of God, others are bothered by the fact that the historic roots of these holidays are more in tradition than they are in the Bible.

It is important for each of us, no matter what our perspective of these holidays, to remember that the center of Christianity is the person of Jesus Christ himself. Upon His work at the cross we all have grounds for rejoicing and celebrating. If some choose to especially celebrate the occasion of our Savior's birth or resurrection on certain days, certainly there is never an inappropriate time to do so. On the other hand, if others feel convicted not to recognize these traditional seasons, certainly there is no Biblical mandate to do so.

For this reason, we must remember to find our ground of fellowship and rejoicing in Christ and refuse to let these minor differences keep us from enjoying the wonderful blessing of worshiping him together (Romans 15:5-8). Celebrating Christmas, or not, should not be a test of fellowship with each other, as Christians.