Can we trust the Bible? (Part 2)

(continued from Part 1)

There are at least 10 proofs that the Bible is God’s Word. There is strong historical evidence that the New Testament manuscripts are reliable and that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. But in addition, we should note:

1) Its unity: 66 books, with 40 authors from different walks of life, written over a period of 1500 years, that all agree in their message and content.

2) Its indestructibility: despite many efforts to exterminate the Bible and to kill those who shared, believed, or propagated it.

3) Its universal influence: it has inspired philanthropy, economy, and government structure.

4) Its care in copy: it has been carefully and accurately preserved through the centuries.

5) Its circulation: it is without a doubt the all time bestseller in the world. No other book (religious or otherwise) comes close.

6) Its honesty: a drunk Noah, a fearful Abraham, a disobedient Moses, an adulterous David, a disloyal Peter are all faithfully recorded in its pages. The good, as well as the bad, are all recorded regarding its heroes.

7) Its life-transforming power: it changed the apostle Paul, it changed Augustine, it changed John Newton, and it has changed countless others from horrible, immoral men and women into meek and pious believers.

8) Its historical accuracy: every archeological and historical discovery and proven, rather than contradicted, the accuracy of the Bible.

9) Its scientific accuracy: although it is not a science or history book, when the Bible speaks on either subject it speaks accurately.

10) Its prophetic accuracy:hundreds of clear and clearly prophetic statements fulfilled undeniably years later. Still today, many prophecies concerning the continuation of seasons, wars, etc. are still coming true.

These 10 proofs are a powerful, reasonable defense of the Bible, especially when taken together as a whole.

There is no other book that can make even a few of these claims.

The Bible is unique, and we have every reason to believe that it is God’s inspired Word.