Women of Faith

Then came she and worshiped him, saying, Lord, help me – Matthew 15:25

We don’t even know the name of this Canaanite woman who comes to Jesus for healing for her daughter. But we do know she has great faith, because Jesus himself commends her for it.

In coming to Jesus for help, she is faced with three obstacles: silence, saints, and insult. When she first begs Jesus for mercy, he doesn’t answer her a word (23). Have you ever prayed and it seemed that “He answered…not a word”? That did not discourage this woman.

When Jesus did not reply to her, his disciples then took it upon themselves to get rid of her. Some people quit going to church because someone in the church says something that offends them. But these disciples were representatives and founders of the first church and they asked this woman to go away! But this could not deter her.

Finally, Jesus calls her a dog. We are shocked when Jesus’ reply reminds us that his help really is mercy, that we truly don’t deserve his attention. But this woman is not! She would be surprised by our shock at Jesus’ answer. She knew she did not deserve his favor, although we sometimes forget it.

 After this testing, Jesus proclaims, “great is thy faith.” The greatest thing that can be said of us is not that we deserve mercy, but that we have great faith! This woman displayed an absolute trust in, and reverence for, Jesus.

 She came to him, she worshiped him, and she trusted him: “Lord, help me.” Her great faith charged past all obstacles to fall at Jesus’ feet and beg for mercy. How big is your faith, today? Is it as big as your God?