Strength and Encouragement

If God be for us, who can be against us? – Romans 8:31

It is comforting and encouraging to read that God is for us, but there are some people that God is against. We are told in the Bible that He is against the wicked, the proud and the false prophet. God is against those, in other words, who walk contrary to His Word and who reject His Son.

Conversely, there are certainly those who are against God and His people.  Satan is their great adversary and the world under his influence is against the true followers of Jesus Christ. We know from the closing chapters of the Bible that these enemies will rage against thekingdom ofGod until the very end of time.

But as we are reminded by Paul, though many may oppose, none can prevail against those who are the people of God. God is for them. He has taken sides and He is on the side of those who fear Him and trust in His Son Jesus Christ.

God the Father is for His people because He has chosen them, the Son is for them because He has redeemed them with His own blood, the Holy Spirit is for them because He calls them irresistibly to Himself by faith.

If God Himself is for us, who, indeed, can successfully oppose us? Dear believer, if omnipotence fights for you this day, none can overcome you; in fact, none can truly even harm you. Walk in the assurance of that truth.