Sin and Its Effects

Ye will not come to me, that ye might have life – John 5:40 

What a terrible, treacherous thing sin is! In Jesus Christ is everlasting life, and yet our sinful nature willfully rejects the abundant life for the pursuit of the non-existent. Our passion by nature is to seek lasting pleasure outside of the loving embrace of Christ. But there is no such thing.

Not only are we unable to turn to Christ on our own, we are unwilling to turn to Christ on our own. We could not if we would, but here is the astounding truth — we would not even if we could. We would never repent, never turn, never submit, never believe of our own free will. 

This is the depth of our depravity. It deceives our heart and leads us away from the love, forgiveness, peace, and joy of the one and only Savior. We would rather die in the attempt to save ourselves than to rest in the capable arms of Jesus Christ.

How is it with you today? Is there unaddressed sin in your life? Are you seeking to hide behind the fig leaves of your own righteousness? Are you unwilling to come to Christ that you might have life?