Serving Others

Joseph came in unto them in the morning, and looked upon them, and, behold, they were sad – Genesis 40:6

Have you ever noticed how unlikely it was that Joseph would notice the sadness of his cellmates? He had plenty of problems himself, without taking on anyone else’s. His brothers had sold him into slavery and then his boss had fired and imprisoned him on false charges. Yet, Joseph noticed and cared about others.

The surest way out of a personal pit of discouragement is to think of and serve others. The surest way to deepen your dark times is to draw into, and think more about, yourself. Joseph is perhaps the best example in the Old Testament of a selfless, servant-spirited saint and it is no coincidence that, in every situation in which he found himself, he continually rose above his trial and glorified God.

Are you going through difficult times? Have others wronged you? What has been your response? Do you think of others and how to help them, or only about yourself and your own problems? Look around you: there is a world of opportunities to help, and they are all open doors that lead out of your darkness.