God…commandeth all men everywhere to repent: because he hath appointed a day, in which he will judge the world–Acts 17:30-31

Maybe you have always thought that Christianity was only for Christians, that you are either a religious person or you are not. But, in fact, the God who created you demands obedience from you, no matter what your personal history or experience may be.

God commands every person, everywhere to repent of their rebellion against him. By nature, we are all rebels against our good Maker; we prefer to do things our own way, to follow our own course. As our Maker, however, God reserves the right to demand submission to his righteous, perfect will.

Why should you repent? Why should you heed his command? Because He has already circled the day on his calendar in which he will judge every part of his creation, including you. Individuals may resist his authority or ignore his demands, but no one will be able to avoid their appointment with God.

And who will be the judge on that day? Jesus Christ himself. He will judge the very people that have rejected him and his claims upon their lives. He has already given us a foretaste of his authority and power by rising from the dead (verse 31b).

And so now every person is without excuse. There is no reason not to believe on Jesus Christ; he has proven his divinity and will one day soon appear in all his glory.

How will you see him? How do you see him? Have you repented and acknowledged the claims of Jesus Christ upon your life?