Thou hast left thy first love. Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent– Revelation 2:4-5

Do you remember when your eyes were first opened to see the beauty and the grace and the power of Jesus Christ? Perhaps it was at a young age, or after many wrong and painful choices, or as a result of a long and arduous search for truth — but when Christ revealed himself to you, you had eyes only for him.

But since then, things have changed. Life has gotten busy, work has been stressful, the hunt for an escape has replaced your search for truth. Maybe you still go through the religious motions of church attendance or Bible studies, but your heart is not in it any more. You have left your first love.

If this describes you, then Jesus says to you “Remember.” Remember the peace and the joy and the satisfaction that is only found in a close relationship with Christ. Remember the worthiness and glory and humility of Christ on the cross. Remember what it’s all about. It’s all about Jesus.

And after you remember, then repent. Repentance necessarily involves admitting that you have been wrong…but it means even more than that. It means changing your ways and doing what is right. Repent of the fact that you have let other things come between you and Christ; admit that you have not nurtured your love for him as you ought; confess your need of his renewing and reviving work in your life.

Remember. Repent. Return to your first love.