Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins – Acts 2:38

Perhaps forgiveness is not one of your felt needs. You may have so completely immersed yourself in the relativism and self-justification of your culture that you have numbed yourself to the sting of your own guilty conscience. If so, then Peter’s command will fall on your willingly insensitive ears.

However, if the guilt of your sin has invaded your carefully protected peace of mind—and you see yourself as being in opposition to a holy and good God—then this admonition will be a welcome relief to your soul. If you, like Peter’s audience, have been stumbling over the question, “What can I do? What should I do?” then here is the answer:

Repent, and be baptized in then name of Jesus Christ. Only in Christ is forgiveness of sins to be found; there is no way to clean your record up on your own, by yourself. But through Jesus Christ you can find remission of your sins.

Repent…everyone of you. No one is guiltless before God and so there is a universal command to repentance…and each one who does repent and confess their sins is called to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, publicly professing their faith in him.

Forgiveness of sins without repentance through Christ is not an option. Repentance and faith without a public witness, through baptism, should not be a consideration.

Those who long for their sins to be pardoned are commanded to repent of their sins and publicly acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior by submitting to baptism. Have you obeyed?