Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise – Proverbs 6:6

We live in rare age of the world, in which slothfulness has become, not only common, but even a goal for many. Young people grow accustomed to doing just enough work to “get by.” Older folks look to their retirement as the end to all their problems.

But the solution that Solomon gives us is this: go to the ants, you who wish to forsake work, and consider their ways in order to become wise.

Go to the ant: be humble enough to learn, even from an ant. The ant has no guide or supervisor, no encouragement or accountability… and yet she is faithful to fulfill her duties day in and day out.

Ants do not procrastinate; they do what they can, when they can. In contrast, we often do not do anything, because we can’t do everything at once. The ant labors little-by-little to get each job accomplished, each need met, each provision made. In fact, she is so slow and methodical in her duties, many won’t have even have the patience to watch and consider her, as Solomon instructs us to.

Both success and failure come little-by-little. Like a garden, it just takes a little neglect to grow a lot of trouble. A little neglect has cost teams their victory, people their lives, kings their power.

What little thing can you do today to heal your marriage, help your children, draw closer to God? Learn from the ant, and do it now.