He that hasteth to be rich hath an evil eye, and considereth not that poverty shall come upon him– Proverbs 28:22

The one who is in a hurry to get rich is here warned that the result will be poverty. This rush towards a set goal may lead to compromising standards of honesty, falling for “get rich schemes”, or becoming a slave to a lender. In fact, Paul warns that those who desire to be rich fall into hurtful lusts and pierce themselves through with many sorrows.

Being hasty is a problem in many areas of life. A quick observation of a situation without having all the facts may lead you to draw the wrong conclusion. This is especially true in relation to money, however, as this proverb reminds us.

If we are in a rush to increase our salary or experience worldly success, we can easily make choices that will lead to greater, and more significant, poverty in other areas. Many marriages, homes, hearts, and churches have been emotionally and spiritually bankrupted by an unchecked hunger for more profit, more money, more material success.

The Bible does not condemn money but rather the love of it. God blessed Abraham, Jacob, Job and others to be rich and many who have been so blessed have been generous givers and glorified God with their wealth. But to set riches as a goal leads to trouble.

Repeatedly in the Scriptures we are told to wait on the Lord. This is not a wait of idleness but a wait of expectation as one is busy doing what the Lord requires at the present. Therefore, do not rush toward financial gain; wait on the Lord’s good purpose, timing, and way. His way always leads to true and lasting wealth.