Men of Faith

Caleb the son of Jephunneh the Kenezite said…Now therefore give me this mountain…if so be the Lord will be with me, then I shall be able to drive them out– Joshua 14:6,12

Are there any challenges, or trials, or ambitions in your life that seem to be insurmountable or unachievable? If so, then listen to the spirit and wisdom of Caleb’s words.

Understand, first, that Caleb is 85 years old when he makes this declaration. Secondly, “this mountain” is not some green-pastured, undefended plot of land; it is positively swarming with enemy combatants. But God had promised this land to Caleb and so he courageously claims it: “Give me this mountain.” 

Such confidence might at first seem admirable, and yet naive or unrealistic, in an 85-year-old man. But Caleb’s courage was based upon the wise realization that “if the Lord is with me, then I will be successful.”

All my excuses and fears are wiped away by this aged man’s faithful example. Is there anything in my life that seems insurmountable or unachievable? Then may Caleb’s faithful battle cry become my own.

If it is a sin against which I am striving, then I have been promised victory, with the Lord’s help — give me this mountain! If it is a life endeavor that I am being led to undertake for the cause of Christ, then I have been promised success — give me this mountain! If it is a particular grief that threatens to overwhelm me, then I have been promised the comfort and strength to overcome it by God’s grace: give me this mountain!