Men of Faith

David said, What have I now done? Is there not a cause? – 1 Samuel 17:29

The giant warrior Goliath stood and mocked the army, and the God, of Israel. While doubtless there were many that did not care one bit for this verbal abuse, none were willing to stand up to his savage bullying. That is, except for a young boy named David who answered with a clarion call of his own: is there not a cause?

David against Goliath! The colossal mismatch is so striking that it has made it into the language and imagery even of secular literature. Yet what often is left out of the story is the one thing that gave David the strength and courage to stand against such insurmountable odds.

What inspired David’s courage? What drove him to march forward when everyone else cowered back? It was the realization that there was a cause greater than Israel, greater than Goliath, and greater than his own life. David’s concern was for the glory of God. Are you willing to stand, like young David, in the face of terrifying assaults and debilitating peer pressure — as perhaps the solitary and lonely figure on the scene who is concerned for the glory of God?

Would that we had more daring Davids in our classrooms, offices, barracks, prison cells, homes, and even churches. In every generation there is a dearth of men and women who are committed, above all else, to the glory of God. Will you stand like David or will you melt into the crowd?