Marriage and Family

Showing to the generation to come the praises of the LORD, and his strength, and his wonderful works that he hath done…that they might set their hope in God – Psalm 78:4, 7

The psalmist is here making a public covenant to keep a careful record of God’s blessings and to then recount them to the generations that will follow.

Yet, the thought in this verse also clearly contains the idea of “showing” (not just telling) because the first example the psalmist gives—the praises of the Lord—is one that must be acted out; it cannot simply be described if it is to be truly communicated.

It is possible to merely talk about praising the Lord, but the psalmist is promising more than that — he will enumerate and communicate the praises of the Lord to his posterity, which therefore requires that he take part in such praise before their very eyes.

What are you showing and telling your children about God, and the worship of God? What does it say to your family when you are consistently late to church, early to leave, or quick to miss? Is it showing them the praises of God, is it communicating to them his strength and the wonderful works that he has done?

The psalmist recognizes that the stakes could not be higher. He is making this public commitment to the coming generation in order that they might set their hope in God. Is your faith so public and strong that it encourages your children and grandchildren to place their hope in God, as well?