Jesus prayed for you

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Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word. John 17:20

To hear that Jesus prays for you may perhaps feel like the sentiments of an overly spiritual dreamer. But here you have it in the high priestly prayer of our Lord himself. He declares that he was praying, not only for his apostles, but for everyone who would believe on him through their word. This means that, if you are a believer today, Jesus was praying for you.

What did he pray for you?

He prayed that the Father would keep you from the evil one (11-16). The devil is our foe and he longs to destroy us. And he will no doubt fire as many of his fiery darts at us as he can. But though we may get hurt, we can never be mortally wounded by him for we know that whom the Father keeps, they will be surely kept.

He prayed that you would be sanctified by the truth (17-19). Not only are we protected from the wiles of the devil, but what an encouragement this is in our pursuit of holiness! Sanctification and growth in grace can often feel very difficult and our setbacks can disappoint and discourage us. We can sometimes feel as if we live in a sail boat in dead waters with no headway at all. But sail on, dear one, for the prayers of Christ will surely fill your sails and bring you closer to harbor of Christ-likeness.

He prayed that you would enjoy the oneness that comes from fellowship with God (21-23). We are embraced by the Trinity, and one day we will be forever enjoying in that happy place called Heaven perfect and unblemished fellowship with Father, Son, and Spirit. You will enjoy this because our Lord prayed for it, and even now we have the first-fruits of the Spirit as a hope-filling down payment of future grace.

He prayed that you would see his glory (24-26). Oh, to see him! It will happen, my friend, if you belong to Christ. This is why the saints go away, because he asked the Father that they would be with him. When a saint departs this world, they do not merely "pass away" but, like the Israelites of old, make an exodus out of the Egypt of this world into the Canaan's land of the next. Not to enjoy milk and honey merely, but to see and be satisfied eternally with the glory of our Lord. We will see him as he is.

This is what Jesus prayed, and he prayed these things for you. Let it fill you with joy, hope, and peace this day and in the days to come.

By: Jeremiah Bass