Jesus Our Example

I must be about my Father’s business– Luke 2:49

Jesus lived in perpetual awareness that his Father had a purpose for his being here, and that he must therefore be constantly about his Father’s business.

What is the driving motivation of your life? Whose “business” are you usually and primarily concerned with? Are you mostly working toward your own ends and purposes, toward the pleasure and admiration of your colleagues, toward the fulfillment of your friends’ expectations?Jesus determined that his Father’s business was his one driving, overruling interest.

You may excuse yourself as being too young or too new to the faith to make such an all-encompassing, single-minded resolution. But do you know how old Jesus was when he uttered these words? He was twelve years old!

It is never too soon to give your life to the service of the Lord, to dedicate your time and energy and labors to his glory and pleasure. Can you hear the urgency in Jesus’ words, at the age of twelve, to accomplish this purpose in his own life?

You, also, are here for the glory of God. Like Jesus, you must determine to pursue your Father’s purpose for you now, no matter what family members or coworkers or classmates might say or think. Sadly, Jesus is here having to remind his own parents, in a gentle and respectful way, of the God-centered nature of his calling and life.

Believer, you must be about your Father’s business! Do not let any personal ambition or conflicting counsel get in the way of that great purpose.