Hear what God the Lord will speak

I will hear what God the Lord will speak. Psalm 85:8

Most folks do not believe that God has spoken, other than in their own hearts and in nature. They limit God to general revelation and become very disagreeable when you suggest that there is a book in which God communicates with us in words and sentences. They do not believe that God has not only acted in history but also interprets his acts in history. And yet, why would God not do so? Why would he leave us to wander in the darkness of doubt and uncertainty? Why would he not speak to us?

This is exactly what the Bible says that it is: it is God's words to us. And that being the case, it warrants our strict attention. Let us hear what God the Lord will speak. We do so by opening the Bible and reading it, by paying attention to its doctrines and by obeying its commandments, and by drawing out the implications of its teachings. We do so when we listen with a heart ready to receive and with a mind ready to understand and a will ready to obey.

The word of God is one of our most precious possessions. God has spoken to us; he continues to speak to us - infallibly, inerrantly, lovingly, redemptively - enlightening our minds in the knowledge of Christ. In the Bible, we learn who God is and who we are, why our world is the way it is and what God is doing to reverse the effects of the fall through a gracious salvation planned by the Father, obtained by the Son, and applied by the Spirit.

Don't neglect God's word. Don't drown it out with the babbling of this world. Instead, take out your Bible, read and meditate upon it daily. Hear it preached by those who value it and reverence its truthfulness and its authority. Indeed, let us hear what God the Lord will speak!

By: Jeremiah Bass