God’s Word

Take the…sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God– Ephesians 6:17

Notice that the Bible, God’s Word, is called the sword “of the Spirit.” Not only is it a weapon, but it is a weapon forged by God himself.

This is why God’s Word is so powerful. Satan only retreats before the Almighty; he has never yet successfully advanced against the point of this sword. The devil is no match for the truth of God. His only hope is to convince you to lower your weapon.

But have you experienced its power to deliver from sin — worry, fear, envy, lust? Although our fallen minds can rationalize any sin, the Word of God cuts through our excuses without bending and delivers us from sin’s deceit and destruction.

And the Bible not only fends off attack, it delivers blows. God’s Word condemns sin, instructs us how to live, matures our foolish hearts, and reveals false motivations. The sword of the Spirit is the only offensive weapon that we are given in this spiritual warfare, but it is abundantly sufficient.

However, it is not a superstitious and mere presence of God’s Word that has overcoming power — it is not any help at all if it sits idle and untouched on your bedside table. It is the individual passages of Scripture—read, studied, memorized, and meditated upon—which parries the approaches of Satan.

When we wield God’s Word knowledgeably and with faith, we will find this fencing practice quickly yields astonishing and ground-gaining results in our lives. So, take up the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.