God’s Word

Every word of God is pure– Proverbs 30:5

When you watch a play, read books, take in a movie, or even converse with friends, you must have the filter on. Is this worldview right? Are these ideas true? Is this lesson correct? Is the moral of this story actually moral?

But when we come to the Word of God, all the filters must come off. The reason why is that there is no filter—our own ideals, the best philosophies, the most scientific theories—that is as pure as the Word of God itself. If we filter the words of God through our own understanding, then we contaminate, rather than purify, the ideas which are conveyed.

Every word of God is pure. There is not a drop of foolishness in theocean ofGod’s revelation. There is not a single falsehood within the many pages of the Bible. Every word of God is trustworthy because every word of God is true.

How do you read your Bible? Do you read it with the filter of your own wisdom, desires, and preconceptions? Or are you allowing the unadulterated word of God to wash over your receptive soul, cleansing it of every prejudice, personal ambition, and sinful ideology?

God’s Word should be a set of glasses through which we view all the rest of the world — music, psychology, biology, journalism, business practices, college lectures, or retirement plans. Anything else is just "one fallen head instructing another fallen head."