Facing Temptation

I made a covenant with mine eyes; why then should I think upon a maid?– Job 31:1

A lustful look is the beginning of most sins. It was an unguarded look which led to the fall of Achan into covetousness, and David into adultery. A covetous glance soon leads to covetous thoughts, which soon lead to covetous plans, which soon lead to covetous actions.

Job, therefore, had determined to cut off the sin of covetousness at its root, by promising himself never even to look at a single woman in a lustful way. This covenant with his eyes, he rhetorically asserts, will inevitably guard him from lustful thoughts about other women.

Job’s personal commitment to overcome a besetting sin of almost every man is convicting. But it is also encouraging, because the fact that he made such a covenant means that it is possible to fulfill his end of the agreement. Believer, know this: it is possible—although it will require self-crucifixion and constant self-watch—to overcome the sin of lust. 

Will it require a sober and self-searching covenant with your heart, before God? Yes. Will it mean giving up casual glances and lustful thoughts? Yes. But it is possible!

So the question that Job’s integrity puts before us is this: do I love God enough to forego the temporary and deceitful pleasures of lustful stares, in order to fix my gaze upon God? Am I willing to enter into a personal covenant to that effect today?