Decision Making

We have no might against this great company…neither know we what to do: but our eyes are upon thee – 2 Chronicles 20:12

This is what great leadership looks like! King Jehoshaphat knew that the enemy forces facing his own people were far more powerful than his small army; as he reviewed his options, he also realized there was no human scheme or strategy that could save them.

Rather than blustering or bluffing his way forward, however, he admitted to his own people, and to God, his inadequacy and led them together in this prayer for help.

“We do not have the strength to face this challenge on our own,” they confessed. Have you come to this point in your life, in your struggle? Not where you give up, but where you give up trying to solve and fix and overcome in your own strength, by your own willpower. “Neither know we what to do.” Have you reached your wit’s end? Have you come to the limit of your own ingenuity or cleverness? Have you reached the point where there really is no light left at the end of the tunnel, no hope of figuring out your own way out?

Then this is the perfect place to say to God, “My eyes are on you, now.” What do you want me to do? Where do you want me to be? Where should I lead my family, my children, my church?

It is when you reach the end of your own rope, and put all your weight on God’s, that you will discover his strength and wisdom to help and to guide and to save.