Decision Making

It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man– Psalm 118:8

What an appropriate reminder as we make any decision, whether small or large! Don’t put your confidence in other people; put your trust in God, where it will never be disappointed.

We have such a tremendous temptation to put our confidence in man, don’t we? Whether it is a doctor who is giving us a diagnosis and treatment schedule, or an employer who is helping to mold our career track, or psychologist who is telling us how to raise our children — we have a tendency, by nature, to run to the “experts” with our questions and problems.

But God says our first and great resort must always be him. What does his Word say about child-rearing? Where does his Word say your aspirations should be? Where does his Word say healing and health ultimately come from?

This does not mean we are not to take advantage of current medical knowledge, or listen to employers’ advice, or ask counsel of others as we raise our children. But we must never put our confidence in the imperfect advise of even the greatest of intellects, or the closest of loved ones, or the most promising of careers.

It is better—every time, in every situation—to trust in the Lord and to inquire prayerfully in his Word for direction, than to put confidence in any person. Do your decisions reflect this truth?