Decision Making

Show me thy ways, O Lord; teach me thy paths– Psalm 25:4

The psalmist assumes two things in his short, but potent, prayer. First, he assumes that God has a way, a path, for him to take. God has an opinion about his life and he needs to know what it is. He realizes that God is interested in the smallest details, as well as the biggest decisions, of our lives.

Secondly, the psalmist assumes that the Lord is willing to show him, to teach him the path that he has for him. Sometimes we may wish that we had all the information that God has about us — what does the future hold, how would this decision affect my family, what is the right thing to do in such-and-such situation?

While God never promises to show us everything he knows, he has promised to lead and direct us according to everything he knows, with his infinite knowledge and wisdom. Therefore, we can benefit from his perfect understanding of our circumstances and future by simply and fervently seeking his perfect will for us in each decision we make, each path we take. Of course, he has revealed many objective and unchanging aspects of his will for us in the Bible, which is his Word.

Whatever decision you may be facing—daily and small, or momentous and life-changing—take the psalmist’s prayer, and his concern, with you to God in prayer. “Lord, I know you have a path for me to take here; show me what it is and I will follow it, in accordance with your Word.”