Decision Making

David enquired of the Lord yet again– 1 Samuel 23:4a

Nine times in the Scripture we find this statement -- “David enquired” of the Lord, or of God. Every one of these instances was after David had become a great leader. And yet David shows us that great leadership results from being a great follower of God. Even in the most practical or mundane of matters. 

Many times, when we are faced with challenging situations, our first inclination, especially if there are others waiting upon or relying on our answer, is to make a hasty decision based on the best understanding we have at the moment. But we should develop the habit, like David, of asking the Lord for direction first.

Perhaps you have already sought the Lord’s guidance, though, in a particular situation — a relationship, or a promotion, or a relocation, or another life-changing decision. Or maybe you received clear direction for your last decision, but a fresh challenge has presented itself. 

Then inquire of the Lord yet again. There is no such thing as being too dependent upon God. He never wearies of our questions, and we never out-grow our inadequacy without Him.

The great encouragement is that when David went to the Lord yet again, then “the Lord answered him” (23:4b). He always answers those who inquire of him, and so he will answer you when you call upon him and inquire of him, dear believer.