Decision Making

I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye – Psalm 32:8

How good is your vision? Can you see accurately up to 20 feet? Maybe even 50 feet? Only about 35 percent of all adults have 20/20 vision without correction, but maybe you are among the fortunate, better-than-average group. Even so, can you see into the future? What about into the hearts of your friends? Are you able to see every possible outcome of any given choice?

When we consider the limitations of our vision, no matter who we are, we come to realize what an incredible privilege is offered to us, by God himself. He promises to instruct and inform us of the correct paths to take in life, using—not our finite and limited vision—but his perfect, all-seeing, all-knowing eye as our guide. The One who knows all ends offers to lead us to the perfect destination for each of us! Knowing that each of us faces a myriad of hair-pulling, gut-wrenching decisions at different times in our lives—and recognizing that even the smallest decisions can have big ramifications for our lives—what an amazing gift this is! And, yet, so many of us prefer to stumble blindly through the deadly obstacle course of this world, setting our own course and choosing our own turns, just so that we can say, “I did it myway.”

If you are wrestling today with difficult decisions, know that God’s perfect wisdom and vision is available to you—it is only a prayer away. When we go to God, asking his help and looking into his Word for direction, he gives us this guarantee: I will lead you where you need to go, guiding you with my eye.