Church Life

Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep– Romans 12:15

The church of Jesus Christ is often described by Paul as being “the body of Christ.” This imagery is meant, we are told, to remind us of how closely we are connected to one another. 

If you accidentally smash your thumb with a hammer, the rest of the body is not unconcerned as though the effected area does not concern the rest. The injured thumb will be pulled away from the place of injury by the arm, perhaps cradled by the other hand, or brought to the mouth for comfort’s sake.

Similarly, any member of the body of Christ should have their pain felt, and ministered to, by every other member of the body. The sorrow of one should be a grief for all. 

On the other hand, where one member of the body is prospering or enjoying a special time of blessing, the rest of the body should rejoice together with them. This is many times more difficult to do than grieving with each other, because of our self-centered and covetous nature. Too often we grieve when others are blessed rather than rejoicing with them.

But the church that is functioning as it ought to will see each member in its midst being comforted, cleansed, encouraged, and enjoyed by every other member of the body. Therefore, look for someone today in your church to grieve, or rejoice, with; bear their burden, or share their happiness, with them.