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As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the LORD is tried – Psalm 18:30

Here is one of the great understatements of the Bible: the word of the LORD is tried.

God’s people, for thousands of years, have cast their lives into the mold of God’s Word. They have married, invested, raised children, decided careers, and set their ambitions according to the Word of God. They have found in the Bible their comfort in times of loss, their direction in times of change, and their joy in times of prosperity.

God’s Word has been tried, tested, scrutinized, and relied upon by Christians throughout the ages. And, just as David testified, they have found it more than sufficient for their every need. They have discovered, in every generation and in every imaginable circumstance, that God’s Word truly is perfect.

His counsel is always wise, his history is always accurate, his lessons are always true, and his commands are always relevant. God’s way is perfect.

But David was not merely making an observation or teaching an academic lesson; David’s point is that because God’s Word has been tried and tested by millions of saints through the centuries, and has been found perfect, each of us should therefore build our lives on this tried and sure foundation.

Who do you look to for direction and for advice? Do you trust popular opinion, or well-meaning friends, to help you make decisions and find meaning in life? Or do you go to God’s perfect Word over and over again, for counsel in every area of life?

The Word of the Lord is tried, it is proven, it is sure — but have you tried it?