Youth and Old Age

When He Had Spent All


It’s a sad day when a young person is restless at home and decides to leave for the wrong reasons. They express frustration with the rules of the …

The Conclusion of the Whole Matter


Many have concluded that the book of Ecclesiastes presents a very dark and pessimistic message. It is understandable that such an opinion may be …

A Reservation in Heaven


How often do you think about heaven? We sing about heaven, we hear preaching about heaven, but how often do we really contemplate what it will mean …

I Will Remember


By Timothy Harris In April of 2013, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that an estimated “1 in 10” American adults suffers from …

The Aged Men


We live in a culture where the emphasis is on youth. The goal of many is to think young, act young, and look young. People are willing to spend a lot …

In the Time of Old Age


We live in a time when there is great emphasis placed on youth. In some cultures the aged are revered, their wisdom is highly respected; but today in …

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