Sovereignty of God

Sovereign Grace


For many years I have introduced the Sunday broadcast of the Baptist Bible Hour by saying, “This is Lasserre Bradley, Jr., inviting you to stay tuned …

From Fear to Faith


Are you often grieved because of the violence that is rampant in our day? From the car bombers in Iraq to the frequent killings on the streets of the …

The Patience of Job and the Goodness of God


It is a difficult thing to lose your earthly possessions. Some wealthy men have been driven to total despair when they lost it all. But Job …

The Authority of God


Since God is the sovereign Creator, he has authority over all things and all creation is called on to praise him. The very heavens are called to …

The Sovereignty of God


Many people have a favorable response to the truth that God is love. It is reassuring to think of His mercy and His grace. What a comfort to know …

Serve The Lord With Gladness


Psalm 100 is frequently quoted and often memorized. While many of the psalms call us to praise God and contain beautiful expressions of thanksgiving, …

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