Those Who Are of Faith Are Blessed

Those Who Are of Faith Are Blessed

The cross is such a shocking display of condescension and mercy that it necessarily implies our utter helplessness. God would not have sent his Son to die if we could save ourselves, nor would he if he couldn’t completely save us himself!

Once you have seen the cross truly and rightly, you should forever be freed from the lie that either salvation or Christ’s work is dependent on you in any way!

Are you still trusting in your tarnished works, your greatest accomplishments –- whether an Oscar for acting or your World’s Greatest Mom trophy –- to make you right before a holy and good God? Thenthrow your trophies at the foot of the cross and surrender to the implications of that shocking display of condescension and mercy.

Or, as a professing Christian, if you have begun by faith in Christ but now have been bewitched by the lie that you have or must continue in your own strength, then receive this blessed and powerful reminder that the Spirit ministers, not by or in your works or effort, but by and in your trust in the strength and sufficiency of Christ’s work on the cross for you!

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